Sally Craig MBACP











I am an Integrative counsellor which means that I have trained in the use of several methods of counselling. You may have heard of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for example. Not all types of counselling feel right for everyone so I am able to work with you to find a way that feels comfortable for you.

I am interested in getting to know you, how you experience your life, the ups and downs and what is troubling you. I believe that I can help you to explore and find a way to feel okay.

I understand that sometimes it is hard to find the words to express how we feel. I specialise in using creative tools to gently support you to express yourself.


CBT is a way of looking at our thoughts - what happens in our minds, memories, dreams and imagination. And a way of also exploring our behaviour - what we do and how we act. CBT can help you to look at negative thinking patterns and work towards reducing distressing emotions.


In sand play therapy we use objects to symbolically create whatever you feel like in a tray of sand. Some people use objects to represent themselves and others or people may use an object to represent a feeling. Sand play is a little difficult to explain and is best experienced. But it is a sensorial and tactile process in which we are able to tell a story about ourselves. It can be a powerful and insightful way of working in which our inner worlds or less conscious thoughts and feelings become visible.

I will gently guide you through this process if it feels appropriate for you.

Sand Tray


We may also use some creative tools such as pencils, paints, writing or clay. In a similar way to sand play creative tools are used to communicate how we feel and can be a useful way to provide insight in to our inner thoughts and feelings.

Creative Art

We may also use visualisation, meditation and mindfulness tools. Most importantly we will find a way of shaping the sessions that suits your needs.

Counselling works best when you feel comfortable enough to be able to talk about yourself and reveal issues that are troubling you. It is important that we feel comfortable in each others company.



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